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15th May 2005

3:56am: Latest Batch
Sorry for my tremendously long hiatus but schoolwork and predictable stuff like that has been getting to me. In any case, I have some more artwork to offer up for you, and once again, I really really apologize for how long it's taken me to complete it. I hope you like it.

Below the cut:

[1] x Shader icon, for chrno_crusader or narakie_hearts
[3] x Al and Scar icons, with altered text, for jade_pen

Clicketh HereCollapse )

The rest is coming ASAP! I'm back in business! :P

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7th April 2005

5:10am: Just finishing up the last few of the old batch of requests (only Shader left to color in, nearly there!)

Here is the new batch of icons below. All of them were colored by either me or hoisian, for me you can credit either this journal, or my normal one, tiara_hikari.

Icons Below:

[1]x Ed, Al and Roy for ebonykain
[1]x Al and Scar for jade_pen
[1]x Envy and Ed, drawn by me, colored by hoisian, for wiccat

Follow the CutCollapse )

Feedback appreciated, hope you like! If you want us to fix or change anything, let me know~ For the AlxScar one, if you'd rather have "My Blessing" as the text (since I remember you weren't sure) just ask :)

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3rd April 2005

5:00am: Nearly finished with the icons, I'm in the process of finishing to color them up. In the meantime, I thought I should put the completed one I have up, but don't worry the others are almost done!

Below the cut:

[1]x RoyxEd icon, kissing, for diamondkat06

Enjoy! More coming soonCollapse )

Onward to finishing the next ones!
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2nd April 2005

3:35am: Greetings everyone, sorry I've been away a lot this week, since it's vacation and I visited family for Easter, so I don't have any new icons up to offer yet :/ All the FMA ones have been drawn, I just have to finish coloring them, and I edited the Tamao one, so you can see if you like it any better :)

Also, about the Neji/Orochimaru one, sorry it took me a while to get back on this, but the original drawing I did was much larger so I can resize it any size you want me to. I just made it that small because I was afraid you'd think it was too big XD Other than that, is it ok?

Tomorrow I'll post up the finished FMA (and Shader :) ) icons, below you will find the edited ones. Apart from that, sorry again for the delay, Happy Easter, and goodnight! ^^

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By the way, feel free to direct link from the photobucket link :)
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25th March 2005

3:57pm: I have completed two icons, and one banner! I'm not totally satisfied with the Tamao one so if you are willing to wait a little longer I'll fix it up a little more. In any case, please let me know what you think, or if you would like me to edit it in any way. I'm not completely satisfied with the Neji/Orochimaru one, if you have anything you want me to change please say ^^ I'm going away to see family for the weekend, so I'll be doing the FullMetal Alchemist icons (and Shader) there, so I'll have them ready when I get back on monday! In the meantime, Happy Easter, and enjoy!

Contained below the cut:

[1]x Cagalli cosplaying as Ed, for v_siggy_us_haha
[1]x Tamao, for tsukemono5

[1]x Neji/Orochimaru banner, for roadkillpuppies

Here we go!Collapse )

All comments and criticisms welcome, Happy Easter, and please comment, and credit when you use! :)

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19th March 2005

9:29am: Icon Request Community
Hi everyone! Since some people were a bit confused about where to make requests, I thought it might be a good idea to create a request community, so you can go there and submit your requests, or comment on some of the icons I've already made. You can find it here: fanarticonreq. I also have managed to enlist the help of a a friend, hoisian, who will be helping me make fanart. Of course, when she draws, she will get the credit for it, not I, so I will let you know who's work is who's, so you can credit the right person.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up the current requests, so I'll have them up soon!

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18th March 2005

7:57pm: More Requests! Here, so far, are the first batch of icons and banners I am currently making:

Current Icon RequestsCollapse )

Current Banner RequestsCollapse )

That's all for now, more is welcome, and for requests, in case anyone was confused, you can just request in a comment, right here in this journal! I'm not picky about where you request, just so long as I can see and find it so I can make your fanart for you ^^
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1:25am: Belldandy Icons
Two more new icons, the same one, one with a border and one without. It's taken from a colored Belldandy fanart of mine, if you want to see the original go here.

Belldandy IconsCollapse )

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12:35am: Chrno Crusade Icons
Two new icons to show off, similar to the default one for this site, but with edited text:

[2] Chrno x Rosette IconsCollapse )

Made with the help of Champagne Icons' brushes.

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17th March 2005

11:56pm: 1st Request
Yay, one new member!

I'll be regularly updating with a list of requests, just to make sure everyone knows what is coming up soon.

Current Icon RequestsCollapse )

That's all for now~

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9:31pm: Gundam Seed Destiny Icons
For my first batch of fanart, I made a fanart of Shinn Asuka and Stellar Loussier from Gundam Seed Destiny, which I turned into a few small banners.

It's a fanart of Shinn x Stellar, feel free to take, and put in your userinfo, but please don't forget to link back. In order to do so, copy and past the following html below the banners into your userinfo, but don't forget to remove all the *'s.

- [3] Shinn x Stellar Banners

Hidden Below~Collapse )

That's all for now. If you would like to take this, please take and link back. DO NOT CHANGE THE LINKS. Just remove the stars, and it will work. If you are taking it, a comment is very much appreciated, just so I can know who's interested in it, in the interest of making more.

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8:06pm: Welcome to Fanart Icons~
Greeting and welcome to Fanart Icons, the one and only place you can get custom-made fanart for your icons!

Here's a little cheesy introduction of this journal for you all:

Ever loved a certain character/couple/pairing/relationship/situation so much you dreamed of seeing it actually drawn out? Had any ideas for situations, icons, banners, avatars, but couldn't find the right screencaps or illustrations that fit them? If so, you've come to the right place!

This journal was made for the purpose of helping all those fans out there see the scenes they've always wanted, in fanart! I myself (tiara_hikari) will make, at your request, any fanart, of your favorite character doing a certain thing, or of your favorite pairing! Anything is allowed to be requested (from crazy comedic scenes to a little love-groping among other things ;)) as long as you keep within the rules, and are respectful to myself and any other members of this group.

Rules for this icon journal are as follows:

RULES~ Read before joiningCollapse )

Now, thank you for joining, and please be aware of the following Guidelines before you submit any requests.

Guidelines for fanart requestsCollapse )

For the moment, this journal will be public, unless I feel the need to make it friends-only. I trust that you will respect the rules, and if so, then please enjoy and go ahead and request something!
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