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Fanart Icons

Custom-made by Eri~

21 February
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Welcome to Fanart Icons!

This journal is an icon and banner journal, strictly for fanart, owned, illustrated and created by tiara_hikari. Please feel free to come and request fanart from any anime, manga or game of your favorite character, or characters! Remember to read all of the guidelines and rules before requesting, and please comment and CREDIT if you take any banners or icons. Thank you!

In this journal, you can request any fanart of any individual character or pairing from just about any anime or manga, and have it made into livejournal icons, colorbars or banners! I'm pretty open to any suggestions for anything you want, so if you're interested, you are welcome to friend this journal and take a look at the rules and guidelines below :)

1.) No stealing of any artwork contained within this journal, or claiming of it as your own. These are all my own illustrations, that I took time to draw, scan, and color in for you all, so please don't just take any of them without crediting me.

2.) No bashing, swearing, or criticizing people's requests or ideas, and no flaming of my artwork. You are welcome to give feedback on my fanart and icons, but please, constructive criticism only. If you don't like what you see, tell me what I could do to improve my works and make them more enjoyable for you.

3.) Be respectful of other members. This goes with the 2nd rule, if you can't behave yourself, I will remove you from my friends list.

4.) I reserve the right to refuse any request I am given. I do not have to provide an explanation, but most likely, if I ever do refuse (which I really doubt will happen, as long as the rules and guidelines are respected) I will give you the reason why I had to refuse your request.

1.) Only one request at a time per person please, and I can only actively take 10 requests at any one time. The others will be pending until I can finish the first batch of requests. You are free to request more than one fanart icon or banner from me, but only one at a time, and please be patient.

2.) Allow me up to one week to complete your requested icon or banner. I will try to make them as soon as possible, but when I am sometimes overloaded with homework or away for a day or two, I can't guarantee to have them up right away. If you haven't gotten your request within one week, THEN feel free to email or ask me about it. Normally, however, I will have your request completed within the week. In the rare cases that I cannot, I will provide an explanation, and alert you to how much longer I think it will take.

3.) Your request must be fanart from either anime, manga or rpg games. There are characters I am more familiar with than others, but I will accept requests from any series or game, as long as I can find at least one picture of the character, so I can see an example of the clothing and hair of that particular character.

4.) If you are interested in icons or banners with two or more people in it, that is fine with me. Any pairings are accepted, whether it's friendship, rivalry, romance or anything else, and if it is romantic, any sexual orientation is acceptable (YES, that means I will do fanart of your favorite yaoi, yuri or het couples too).

5.) I will not accept any requests that are insulting, racist, homophobic, or pornographic, so don't bother asking. I am fine with drawing fanart of couples kissing, embracing, even nude, going as far as PG-13. Beyond that, you'll have to do it yourself.

6.) Please be as specific as you can in your requests. I will be making, as regularly as I can, generic icons and banners, but if you request something from me, if you have any preference whatsoever in terms of the text on the icon or banner, the color scheme, etc. please describe it in your request.

7.) Your request should look as follows:

LJ Username: Obvious answer here.
Icon/Banner/Other?: Please specify here what you would like. I normally make icons, but if you want a colorbar, or banner, ask away.
Character(s) and Description: Here is where your description goes. For example "I would like a Sasuke x Sakura icon, in black and white, with the words "everlasting love". I'd like them facing each other, about to kiss, with their eyes closed."
From Series/Game: Here you tell me where your character is from.
Other Specifics: Here is where you add any other last minute details you want me to remember.

8.) DO NOT STEAL MY FANART. All artwork that goes into the icons I made will be based off fanart sketched and colored by me, so you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

9.) Please credit me, when you use my icons, in either your userinfo page, or your icon keywords. If I go to the trouble of making an icon for you, I think it isn't much to ask that you type this journal link into your page.

Credits for the current layout go to LJ Layouts. The various brushes I use were found at 1greeneye, Champagne Icons and Miss M Brushes.

All other icons here are made using fanart drawn by tiara_hikari.

Disclaimer: All these icons, banners and such are drawn for fun, non-profit making purposes. I do not own any of the characters I have drawn, they belong to their respective artists and companies.